The World is so enamoured with carbs, sugars and energy. Rightly so, but the question that I have been wrestling with for a few years is:

Is this right?

Digging into this question has also been a journey in discovering balance.

I believe that KetoNutrition will help me on this because they also seek to find the right balance. Together we will see if I can get to my ultra!!

A New Beginning

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The year that was 2018  started so well, everything was falling into place, then it happened.

Injury, disillusionment, despair

In May, Jonkershoek 38km was supposed to be a reference point, instead it became a turning point. I struggled so much, for no reason, there has been nothing that I can pinpoint, it was just a very bad day. An iron willed person would have recovered, unfortunately I did not have the will.

I gave up.

I let go.

Now I struggle.

The goal was to attempt the UTCT 100km for a second time, but I have downgraded to the 35km – which is still going to be an epic effort.

My goal now it to get fit and healthy again, uninjured, by the end of the year. The attitude I should have had after Jonkershoek.

Let the Journey start again.

[Photo credit: Burnt Pineapple Productions


Here we go again, and it will be a rinse and repeat until I get it right. Actually, if I finish there will always be another ….

This year I must get things correct, this means nutrition, strength, conditioning and functionally training. To this end I have chosen to partner with:

Sean Tait from Off The Mark Training and Shannon Van Moorst from Andrew Gray Biokinetics

Nutrition is a major factor in big endurance events like this, yet I have no plan right now, a bad sign. In the past I have tried to go Keto with Keto Nutrition, but I am unable to follow that lifestyle unless my family and I follow completely different diets. So it might be that I try to simply say away from the unhealthy stuff and eat a balance diet throughout the year.

See you at the start line and the finish line.

BatRun 2018

Phillip Gibb  —  February 28, 2018 — 1 Comment

Last year I entered the BatRun because I thought that it would be great training for Ultra Trail Drakensberg – which I had to pull out of :(, but boy, was this a tough challenge. Nothing prepared me for the recces, which I was sooo grateful for. This was not a race, this was an adventure – a fun adventure.

The first peak – Devil’s Peak was not too bad. I was hoping to make it before I had to turn my headlamp on – who was I kidding. Kane Reilly was already halfway down and there was still light, hectic. I descended carefully; knowing that Platteklip awaited. Platteklip was also manageable with the flat on top to Maclears Beacon and back such as magical journey. Then came the pain and the drop in energy. In hindsight I should have eaten a little more. Going down Plattekip was such a pain, both literally and figuratively. It would not end!

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A new year and a new journey! Yes, the goal is the same, and I will fight for it even if I am 90 years old; 100km trail run. Second on the agenda is the Cableway Charity Challenge, the first being the BatRun (Done and Dusted). This not a race, ok maybe it is, but not for me. For me it is about giving back. It is an opportunity to raise much needed funds for some awesome charities. It is also not a one man show,  it is not just something I can do to help, it is something we can all help.

How can we do this?

Simple, really. I run like a idiot up Platteklip and down with the cable car as many times as I can, the you (and I) sponsor an amount (either as a lump sum or per lap) for my efforts. 100% will go to the charities.

What Charities?

  1. CoolPlay
  2. Paedspal
  3. Centre for Play and Learning
  4. Wilderness Search and Rescue

How can you participate

If you are not running with me then you can head over to this link and add your contribution.

I will try to do 6 laps, and it will be a huge feat to do anymore than that – I am not AJ Calitz.


21st April 2018


Platteklip Gorge on Table Mountain viewed from Devils Peak
All donations are tax deductable and you can pay via EFT (Credit Card if you are overseas).

[Image By Abu Shawka (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons]

Last year I pulled out because of a knee issue that I did not want to aggravate before UTCT 100km. This year, however, there were no concerns – apart from a foot pain, jaaaa that foot. Anyway this was not going to be a race per say, more like an adventure and a great opportunity to train for the 3 Peak Challenge. So no Stress.

Lining up with some fellow awesome trail buddies; PJ and Jamo, I go some great advice and some comfort knowing that I could follow someone if I got lost. There were a great bunch of peeps, just a small group, almost as if this was merely a little get together training run. Which it was.

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Foot Pain

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The journey has been downhill for the last few weeks after TMC, agggg. A callus had developed, albeit small, under the ball of my right foot. It was rather insignificant until I feared the worst after a tough up and down training run. Initially I though STRESS FRACTURE, then when the panic subsided and calm returned I realised that it was nothing more then a possible pinched nerve. The pinched nerve is most likely a symptom of my job that required a lot of sitting.

After a consultation at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa it was suggested that I adjust my sitting habits. Sitting all day with my feet pulled up was most likely the cause. So lets see what happens.

As Murphy’s Law would have it, I repeated that same run and  caused a different pain in the ball of my left foot. HA HA HA. So I have been resting a little and it seems to have abated. Let us hope that the Hout Bay Triple Trouble is just over a week will be A OK.


until then …


[Photo Credit: paulaltobelli]

This was going to be the race where I was going to apply all that I had learned about banting and ketosis. I got it wrong again. I do know where I went wrong, so next time there will be a few adjustments, that next time being the Hout Bay Triple Trouble.

The week before I ran the start and end parts of the race to get a feel for what the reverse route would be like. That was a truly eye opening experience because it was hard and because I suffered for a few days after that with DOMS; completely unexpected considering that I was accustomed to that kind of elevation gain. One thing was for sure was that I was not under any false illusions, or was I?

At registration I asked to be placed in A batch because I thought I has a shot a the vets podium, ha ha ha ha. Continue Reading…

Soooooo, taking all the lessons I had learned from my previous experience with the One Tonner, I bombed again. Again I tried to go without any carbs, again I go to a point where I just could not any more. Truth is, I used it as an excuse downgrade to the 30km, ha ha ha

Anyway, the Beast is a great run that is extremely difficult because of the technical terrain and the amount of elevation gain, I thing that Trevor from Energy Events is a sadist – lol, but it make for an epic challenge.

My strategy was to attempt to keep my Heart Rate down in the Aerobic zone which was near impossible because even walking up the steep inclines was already taxing. Maybe I can keep my HR down if I train more with that in mind. The MAF method is something that can teach you, over time, to run at faster and faster efforts while keeping the Heart Rate in the Aerobic zone. Up to now I had not even tried it out, so my body was not even ready for such an attempt.

Once again I ran without any carbs, in future the plan will be more balanced so that I can have a small portion in my system that I can use on demand when there is no way to stay aerobic.

There is a point in the race where you can slip down Platteklip and change from a 50km to a 30km, it is too bad that they have that because it became a easy decision for me to opt out. Arrrrg, but that in itself is another lesson.

Next up for me is the 2017 Table Mountain Challenge where I feel that I am better prepared physically and nutritionally. I plan to follow a more balance approach that I document once I have completed the experience.

A few months after I started the whole banting thing in 2015, I decided that it was time for me to put this to the test. So why not try it out in a race? I mean really, where was my mind?  Anyway, it was not like I was going to win; banting or not. Who has ever tried something new in a race? And blown? Catastrophically? The nutritional plan that I was going to follow was not thought out at all. Here is what happened…

Mistake Number 1

Up to that point my nutrition was up to scratch, so I had thought. Right now I am watching my macros meticulously, back then I really had no idea. The bad stuff was off the plate; sugar, cakes etc, but without knowing it I was never in ketosis. Never was I going to reap the benifits of fat burning, even though that was the plan.

Remedy : I should have been tracking my food and making sure that I was sticking to my plan. When you are trying to cut out carbs, it is not easy because there are so many things that have carbs without you knowing it.

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