Hout Bay Triple Trouble 2017

Phillip Gibb  —  November 15, 2017 — Leave a comment

Last year I pulled out because of a knee issue that I did not want to aggravate before UTCT 100km. This year, however, there were no concerns – apart from a foot pain, jaaaa that foot. Anyway this was not going to be a race per say, more like an adventure and a great opportunity to train for the 3 Peak Challenge. So no Stress.

Lining up with some fellow awesome trail buddies; PJ and Jamo, I go some great advice and some comfort knowing that I could follow someone if I got lost. There were a great bunch of peeps, just a small group, almost as if this was merely a little get together training run. Which it was.

To be honest, my keto plan was out the window, poof. First because I did not have the chance to stock up, second because I knew that this was going to be a high intensity effort with crazy elevation. So out was the low carb and in was the 50g serving of carbs from Hammer Nutrition – Chocolate flavour nogal.

The run was great, none of the hills posed too much of an issue and I felt great all the way through, finishing in the top 10, woot woot.

I managed to get a little lost finding the best route up to Chapman’s peak, ha ha ha, we will leave it at that. Coming down to the fish in the end was extremly painful because my foot was acting up is a monumental way – almost as if I has bruised it somehow.

Time: 6hr 35mins


Elevation: 4400m

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