Foot Pain

Phillip Gibb  —  September 28, 2017 — Leave a comment

The journey has been downhill for the last few weeks after TMC, agggg. A callus had developed, albeit small, under the ball of my right foot. It was rather insignificant until I feared the worst after a tough up and down training run. Initially I though STRESS FRACTURE, then when the panic subsided and calm returned I realised that it was nothing more then a possible pinched nerve. The pinched nerve is most likely a symptom of my job that required a lot of sitting.

After a consultation at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa it was suggested that I adjust my sitting habits. Sitting all day with my feet pulled up was most likely the cause. So lets see what happens.

As Murphy’s Law would have it, I repeated that same run and  caused a different pain in the ball of my left foot. HA HA HA. So I have been resting a little and it seems to have abated. Let us hope that the Hout Bay Triple Trouble is just over a week will be A OK.


until then …


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