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On first look I am thinking, what? I can’t run in those, I’ll trip over my own feet. To be honest, I still think that is what will happen if I use their trail shoes on technical terrain. Take that with a pinch of salt because it is come from me, a very strong proponent on ‘barefoot’ shoes like Vivobarefoot. That is what you must bear in mind when you read the rest of this entry.

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Who has not heard about Banting and ketosis? Who has actually applying it successfully in training and in races? I know I have not, but I am trying again. Twice before I tried and twice I failed, dismally. So, over the last few weeks I have been seriously strict about my diet and over the next while I will continue to test my limits while in ketosis. Actually I have no way to test if I am in ketosis, currently. Over the next few post I am going to detail where I went wrong before and how I believe that I am going to get it right for the Table Mountain Challenge in less than a month.

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Ultra Trail Cape Town is this really insane event that has 35km, 65km and 100km route options. Do not left the 35km fool you; the amount of elevation gain packed in this mini monster can reduce you to tears. The 100km was focus for a long time, I had volunteered the year before so I could get a discount on the entry. It is seriously challenging technically as well as distance wise, but most of all (because of SANPARKS restrictions) the cut-offs are more insane. It actually make for a really worth while challenge. If you happen to get under 15 hours, well then, you are special.

The race takes place early December, a great way to finish the year and set you up for a well earned rest over the Christmas time. This year it takes place on the 2nd December. If you decide to run, then definitely join the Recce runs; it is quite amazing that they organize those runs. If you decide on the 100km then don’t believe the 50km per week minimum, I think it should be 75 with a whack load of climbing more than once a week for at least 6 months, scary stuff, respect!

Ok, down to my experience …

Spending pretty much of the year with the 100km UTCT as my one and only focus, I was naturally scared, excited and utterly delusional. It is quite possible that I had invested too much in this one race, especially emotionally. This was going to be almost double my average mileage and my longest run, but that was not going to deter me, in fact it seemed to me that a weekly mileage of 50kms was pretty much acceptable since I had supplemented that with a little bit of cycling and regular gym sessions; not to mention that I was couched weekly and followed a plan. Granted, I twisted my ankle quite badly 4 weeks before, so I did not follow the plan perfectly.  And ….. I failed.

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I previously had a blog where I detailed my journey to Ironman SA called Journey to Iron, which I completed, yayyy. Last year I endevoured to continue a new journey to Ultra Trail Cape Town 100km, which I detailed in a blog by the same name as journeytoultra. Unfortunately I failed, completly only (albeit greatly respectable) 65km. Today, marks the start of a new journey, not the UTCT (although I hope to finish that in 2018) but the Ultra Trail Drakensburg.


It is only a start, there is much to be decided upon, and agreed upon – especially from my family because ultimately they will be supporting me.


So welcome, and I hope we can learn from each other.