In 2016 I began a journey that was supposed to lead me to the Ultra trail Cape Town 100km finish line, instead, I only completed the 65km route. The journey has no finished, in fact it never really will because there will always be an Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) out there. So this blog is about the different journeys I will take in ticking off each BHAG, not conquering or destroying, but the steps that will be taken.

I am really amped about the opportunity to run the Ultra Trail Drakensburg, so I think that the first BHAG will be the 100km; if I can convince my family to partner with me and support me. It is a lot to ask from them, both in finances and in time. UTD is taking place at the end of April 2018, so that gives me 8 and a half months to ramp up my 50km weeks to 100km with as little injury as possible. Before that I’ll have to get flights, transport and accommodation sorted – not to mention nutrition (both real foods and supplements).

So come join me and find out how I get there and how I overcome (and learn from) the obstacles that are sure to come my way.