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The World is so enamoured with carbs, sugars and energy. Rightly so, but the question that I have been wrestling with for a few years is:

Is this right?

Digging into this question has also been a journey in discovering balance.

I believe that KetoNutrition will help me on this because they also seek to find the right balance. Together we will see if I can get to my ultra!!

A New Beginning

Phillip Gibb  —  October 21, 2018 — Leave a comment

The year that was 2018  started so well, everything was falling into place, then it happened.

Injury, disillusionment, despair

In May, Jonkershoek 38km was supposed to be a reference point, instead it became a turning point. I struggled so much, for no reason, there has been nothing that I can pinpoint, it was just a very bad day. An iron willed person would have recovered, unfortunately I did not have the will.

I gave up.

I let go.

Now I struggle.

The goal was to attempt the UTCT 100km for a second time, but I have downgraded to the 35km – which is still going to be an epic effort.

My goal now it to get fit and healthy again, uninjured, by the end of the year. The attitude I should have had after Jonkershoek.

Let the Journey start again.

[Photo credit: Burnt Pineapple Productions