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BatRun 2018

Phillip Gibb  —  February 28, 2018 — 1 Comment

Last year I entered the BatRun because I thought that it would be great training for Ultra Trail Drakensberg – which I had to pull out of :(, but boy, was this a tough challenge. Nothing prepared me for the recces, which I was sooo grateful for. This was not a race, this was an adventure – a fun adventure.

The first peak – Devil’s Peak was not too bad. I was hoping to make it before I had to turn my headlamp on – who was I kidding. Kane Reilly was already halfway down and there was still light, hectic. I descended carefully; knowing that Platteklip awaited. Platteklip was also manageable with the flat on top to Maclears Beacon and back such as magical journey. Then came the pain and the drop in energy. In hindsight I should have eaten a little more. Going down Plattekip was such a pain, both literally and figuratively. It would not end!

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A new year and a new journey! Yes, the goal is the same, and I will fight for it even if I am 90 years old; 100km trail run. Second on the agenda is the Cableway Charity Challenge, the first being the BatRun (Done and Dusted). This not a race, ok maybe it is, but not for me. For me it is about giving back. It is an opportunity to raise much needed funds for some awesome charities. It is also not a one man show,  it is not just something I can do to help, it is something we can all help.

How can we do this?

Simple, really. I run like a idiot up Platteklip and down with the cable car as many times as I can, the you (and I) sponsor an amount (either as a lump sum or per lap) for my efforts. 100% will go to the charities.

What Charities?

  1. CoolPlay
  2. Paedspal
  3. Centre for Play and Learning
  4. Wilderness Search and Rescue

How can you participate

If you are not running with me then you can head over to this link and add your contribution.

I will try to do 6 laps, and it will be a huge feat to do anymore than that – I am not AJ Calitz.


21st April 2018


Platteklip Gorge on Table Mountain viewed from Devils Peak
All donations are tax deductable and you can pay via EFT (Credit Card if you are overseas).

[Image By Abu Shawka (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons]