The Big Fat Beast

Phillip Gibb  —  May 27, 2016 — 4 Comments

Let it be known that I broken one of the most fundamental rules of racing; Do not try something new on race day. Granted, it was not a race for me, a fact that I made peace with weeks prior to the Beast, but I wanted to try something.

Something crazy.

Something ludicrous.

Something I could be rescued from. Perhaps I should have told the organizers about my audacious plan.

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Sigh. I suppose that injury is inevitable and I must not be negative, but who am I fooling. This has happened a week before a very cool and easy ultra that could have been use for a PUFfer qualifier (that I am on the waiting list for). So with much regret, frustration and anger I pulled out of the run from Milterton to Camps Bay. Agggg, it is such a great adventure that is fun the whole day. It was possible that I could have run, yet that would be unwise even if it feels ok and I strapped it up. I had to use the good ole noggin: I must not be in a situation where I would have to pull out of the 50Km Beast later this month – that would be an expensive mistake.

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UTCT 100km Approved

Phillip Gibb  —  April 11, 2016 — 2 Comments

Yayyy. Another big step. I have been approved. Granted, it is basically a blanket wide approval opening the door to everyone crazy enough to enter. For me this is huge, especially considering my current fears that I might have Planter Fasciitis. The plan remains, but the pressure is off, now I can run the races without stressing about my times.

Here is the whole press release from the Ultra Trail Cape Town Team:
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The journey has taken a minor setback; a pain in the right heel that has got my fears sparking to life. Is it Plantar Fasciitis, is it just a bruise, is it something else. So I have skipped three days of my training program and done two sets of conditioning exercises, so all is not lost. You know how it is, it’s more paranoia than anything else. At the moment I have switched to a more cushioned shoe for walking and because I don’t want to carry too many around with me I also went for a run in them today. Shock and horror, me running in a shoe with a drop, well a 4mm drop.
The run went well with no pain in the heel at all – it only manifests when I walk. There was tightness for a moment in my Plantar Fasciitis, must just be related to the bruise. Otherwise I’ll just continue rolling my calves and my foot. There is also the most uncomfortable of options I have started, well only twice, the frozen bottle – dum dum dahhhhahhh.

For some reason there were butterflies in my stomach for this one, perhaps because I was day dreaming of actually doing well. Who else does that? I mean really, what on earth was I doing, it is not like I stand a chance to even make the top 10, but I want to. The OMTO 22km Trail Race was not even on my periodisation plan and not even on my training plan for the week – I believe I was scheduled for 2 easy short runs over the long weekend, ha ha ha.

Standing at the back of my group (Group 10), I was convincing myself that I would take it easy, a B race kind of easy. Yeah try remind me of that later on. I was thinking that the new route was easier and that I could break 3 hours without trying to kill myself.
So off we went, me tacking on the back, but something stupid happened. While I was hiking up my CompresSport Trail Shorts the guys went left instead of right, what?!! I must have missed the marker and I was thinking that the probably did some dog leg that EnergyEvents is always known for, but alas no – after a 6 minute detour the leaders realised what had happened when they were faced with a sudden route to the finish line. When that happened I was suddenly in the front thinking that I will not make my 3 hours, plus I hate people passing me, and all of a sudden I was in an A race, doh.
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Thirst For Water

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One second I am amazed at Eddie Izzard’s accomplishment of 27 Marathons in 27 Day for Mandela and Sport Relief, the next I am seeing a tweet from Thirst4Water that @minagula has completed a massive 40 marathons across 7 deserts in 7 weeks. Wowser.

I have been hearing about Thirst For Water as people have shared across social media platforms, and I see first hand here in South Africa how water is becoming scarce by the day, but I have not delved deeper into the purpose of the endeavor until now – perhaps is was because the tweet coming off the back of the Eddie post.
Who is Thirst?

Thirst is an initiative of the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders, a unique, multi­stakeholder community of more than 700 exceptional young leaders who share a commitment to shaping the future.
Thirst aspires to be the world’s leading water community, affecting change in society by making consumers aware of the value of water.
Our vision is a future where supply of water is greater than demand, where there is enough water for all, forever.

What do they do?

We began as a small group of change-makers and key opinion leaders, targeting one of the most influential consumer groups in the world: millennials (12-24 year olds) in the growing global middle class.
Our small, international team spans three continents, drawing on varied cultures and experiences to develop campaigns and education modules that have a global impact.
We harness the power of social media, in combination with on-campus communications and events to encourage young people to think about, use and consume water more sustainably, and spread this message to their friends and family.

You can read more about what they do, their key goals and core values at
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Wow, so much for my piddly little 7 day stretch. I could not even imagine doing two Marathons over two days! Yet here is Eddie completing 27 in a row. Huge achievement. Truth is that he did not just up and do them, who can? Eddie is not new to this kind of feat; in 2009 he did 46 in 52 days over at England. I wonder if there are any other celebrities that have done this kind of thing.

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It has been with much trepidation and frustration that every year I never seem to remember the route, I even tried using last year’s track as a route on Strava with moderate success. Somehow I managed to take the wrong turn and headed back down towards Tafelberg road and being a typical male I kept thinking that the route was going to hit the contour soon, when instead, I should have back tracked. Not that it really matter, first because it was a awesome run, especially when you are blazing at high speed along the single track, and second, the route has actually changed.

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Trail Blazer Launch StartAlmost everyone in Cape Town keen to get a moment and a possible autograph from Ryan Sandes was at the Protea Fire & Ice; it was quite crowded. There were so many people I did not know, after saying hi to a few acquaintances and getting a warm beer from the bar (there was free Red Bull and Vodka, but nahh), stood around and waiting to hear from Ryan. Linda Doke was there, but I did not get a chance to commend her on her Addo 100 miler achievement. I did, however, get to talk to Ryno Griesel who is another of my heroes and was awesome enough to oblige me with an autograph – very cool. Continue Reading…

The Plan for 2016

Phillip Gibb  —  March 8, 2016 — 2 Comments

Ok, there is an Ultra 100km in the distance, but what of the plan?
Sean Tait from Off the Mark Training was kind enough to provide me a blank Periodisation plan, one that he spoke about at the Cape Town Trail Clinic.
I have absolutely no idea how to work this thing out, there is going to be a learning process, however I was able to see what races I could do realistically. Not only that, I could allocate them a status of either A, B or C.

  • A being an all out race where time and position is important
  • B being where I push myself and make any cut-offs without too much worry
  • C being a casual run where cutt-offs and time is not a concern

So here we go: Continue Reading…